Residential Property Management

At JCHiggins and Associates, we firmly believe our residential property management system to be second to none. Our dedicated and experienced management team out performs the competition, consistently surpassing industry standards and averages. We won’t settle for less and neither should you.

Whether you are a seasoned pro and have extensive experience with investment/income producing property and management companies or if this is the very first time you’ve ever owned a rental property or hired a property manager; we’ve got your back with trustworthy, personalized service tailored to fit your specific situation and needs. All of our clients receive the same industry leading results and value regardless the size of their portfolios or their experience levels.

If you shop around you will see that our fees are some of the most reasonable in the industry. Even so, please know that every aspect of the day to day management of our properties is accomplished with the utmost careful attention and expertise. There are no trade-offs. Nothing is neglected: market surveys and secret shopping; innovative, effective advertisement and resident prospecting; careful and thorough resident screening; court approved agreements; aggressive rent collection; landlord/tenant law compliance; proper inspections and maintenance; efficient tenant retention; detailed, accurate accounting and reporting; budgeting and goal setting; on and on. Our unmatched combination of superior results and unbeatable price provides our clients with an outstanding value that can’t be had elsewhere. With some companies you just get more – for less. That’s us.

As a client of JCHiggins and Associates, you will find yourself surrounded by focused professionals who are passionately committed to your success. If your goal is to preserve and enhance investment value by maximizing income and minimizing expenses while maintaining and protecting the physical asset then our residential property management system could be just right for you. If not – then we are your competition.

Residential Condominium Associations


Your home. Your community. Your peace of mind. We know these things matter to you. They also matter to us. For almost three decades, JCHiggins and Associates has successfully managed condominium associations; safeguarding community lifestyles and protecting property values in the process. We do everything in our power to ensure what matters to you is handled with the care and attention you would give it yourself. This is not just some empty tag line – we mean it. We are proud of our associations and the communities they serve. Whether they are declarant controlled, owner controlled, transitioning, four units, or one thousand; all of our condominium associations receive unmatched management services from day one.

No matter what your most pressing concerns might be, we are ready and able to assist you with innovative, effective long term solutions: vigilant CC&R enforcement and solutions for any violation issue; the best and most cost effective vendors for routine maintenance or renovation projects; thorough, detailed, and accurate accounting and budgeting; progressively aggressive three tier dues collection system that gets results; payment convenience, offering ACH (auto-withdrawal) and payment by credit card; complete up to date understanding of the Condominium Act and it’s real world applications; experienced handling of property insurance claims; excellent reserve study resources; useful industry insight; on and on and on. We know our business and we know it well. All of it.

Backed by the expertise gained through decades of experience and hard work, our company’s proven procedures and systems are administered by the most talented and caring people in the industry; achieving results fit for the most discriminating condominium associations.

Your home. Your community. Your peace of mind. Help protect them all with JCHiggins and Associates.

Professional Condominium Associations

Spread too thin? Not enough time in the day? Like most busy business people you’re probably too busy to do it all yourself. Let us help you to free up more of your time for what’s really important – your own success. We can help, it’s what we do. You can thank us later.

The management of professional condominium associations is one of our specialties, and our professional associations are maintained to a degree as if they represent our own business – because they do. To best serve your particular circumstances, we offer individualized management solutions with a focus on maximizing the association’s effectiveness. Whether you need “financial only” services for your well established association or if complete management is more like it; JCHiggins and Associates has what it takes to help your association attain its full potential.

No matter your association’s needs, we have the experience and expertise necessary to make you look good and feel better. Too busy to schedule window washing, or don’t know of a good landscaping company? You can scratch that off of your to do list. We’ll proactively maintain the property for you; avoiding deferred maintenance and keeping your place of business looking professional while protecting investment value. Tired of going after your fellow members for dues which are not enough to cover the costs of running the association to begin with? Let us help. We are very efficient in dues collection and we can be of great assistance with budgeting and financial reserve advice. We do it all, when you are unable to.

JCHiggins and Associates – helping you focus on your own success.

Homeowners’ Associations

We know the importance of what we do. This is where people live – where they call home – and these homes often represent the investments of a lifetime. JCHiggins and Associates proudly works hard for our associations; protecting the values of these investments, and safeguarding the envisioned quality of community living – with a drive and enthusiasm as if we lived there ourselves.

Our adaptable services can be tailored to best fit the needs and goals of any association. From full management to accounting services only – or anywhere in between – we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter whether the association is large, small, declarant, or owner controlled; we proudly manage them all to the highest standards.

Whatever the issue, we have the solution. From vigilant CC&R enforcement and the best, most cost effective vendors to handle any maintenance issue correctly the first time, to convenient dues payment options, and effective, progressive triple tier collection procedures; we have the experience, knowledge, and resources you need to succeed. In other words – we do it all, so you don’t have to.

Put our outstanding resources and talented people to work for you and see just how good we are at safeguarding your quality of community lifestyle while supporting the preservation, protection, and enhancement of your community. Regardless of the size or needs of your association, or where it is in the development or turnover process; as a client of JCHiggins and Associates, your homeowner’s association would receive first class management from a dedicated team of trustworthy people who offer the flexibility, expertise, and focused commitment necessary to successfully manage it to its full potential. We know the importance of what we do. We’re ready when you are.

Commercial Property Management

The integrity behind a handshake. The belief in someone’s word and abilities. The strongest relationships – business or otherwise – are built on a foundation of confidence and trust. The relationships JCHiggins and Associates establishes and maintains with our commercial property management clients and tenants are founded on those principals. By knowing all aspects of our business well and by being honest, upfront, and sincere; we have come up with a successful recipe that has served us well for almost thirty years.

With industry competition the highest in recent memory, careful management is more important than ever and can make all the difference between the success and failure of a property or portfolio. From accurate financial reporting and cost effective preventative maintenance, to successful lease negotiations and rent collections; we administer thorough, expert management to maximize income, minimize expenses and protect investment value. Securing and retaining good tenants is paramount to this end.

Long term tenants are worth their weight in gold and maintaining good relationships with them is of utmost importance. Our tenants are very important to us and, within reason, we do whatever we can to keep them. Furthermore, we do all we can to ensure a prospective new tenant will be a good fit for a particular space and a building’s tenant mix. We don’t just throw in anybody to fill a vacant. We feel that’s short sided and really detrimental to long term success.

All of our commercial clients are long standing loyal clients for good reason. We have been doing this for a long time, and we are very good at it. Preferring quality over quantity, we are big enough to provide top quality commercial management and small enough to be able to give that special individualized attention that makes all the difference.