Residential Property Management

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At JCHiggins and Associates, we firmly believe our residential property management system to be second to none. Our dedicated and experienced management team out performs the competition, consistently surpassing industry standards and averages. We won’t settle for less and neither should you.

Whether you are a seasoned pro and have extensive experience with investment/income producing property and management companies or if this is the very first time you’ve ever owned a rental property or hired a property manager; we’ve got your back with trustworthy, personalized service tailored to fit your specific situation and needs. All of our clients receive the same industry leading results and value regardless the size of their portfolios or their experience levels.      

If you shop around you will see that our fees are some of the most reasonable in the industry. Even so, please know that every aspect of the day to day management of our properties is accomplished with the utmost careful attention and expertise. There are no trade-offs. Nothing is neglected: market surveys and secret shopping; innovative, effective advertisement and resident prospecting; careful and thorough resident screening; court approved agreements; aggressive rent collection; landlord/tenant law compliance; proper inspections and maintenance; efficient tenant retention; detailed, accurate accounting and reporting; budgeting and goal setting; on and on. Our unmatched combination of superior results and unbeatable price provides our clients with an outstanding value that can’t be had elsewhere. With some companies you just get more – for less. That’s us.

As a client of JCHiggins and Associates, you will find yourself surrounded by focused professionals who are passionately committed to your success. If your goal is to preserve and enhance investment value by maximizing income and minimizing expenses while maintaining and protecting the physical asset then our residential property management system could be just right for you. If not – then we are your competition.