Professional Condominium Associations

Spread too thin? Not enough time in the day? Like most busy business people you’re probably too busy to do it all yourself. Let us help you to free up more of your time for what’s really important – your own success. We can help, it’s what we do. You can thank us later.

The management of professional condominium associations is one of our specialties, and our professional associations are maintained to a degree as if they represent our own business – because they do. To best serve your particular circumstances, we offer individualized management solutions with a focus on maximizing the association’s effectiveness. Whether you need “financial only” services for your well established association or if complete management is more like it; JCHiggins and Associates has what it takes to help your association attain its full potential. 

No matter your association’s needs, we have the experience and expertise necessary to make you look good and feel better. Too busy to schedule window washing, or don’t know of a good landscaping company? You can scratch that off of your to do list. We’ll proactively maintain the property for you; avoiding deferred maintenance and keeping your place of business looking professional while protecting investment value. Tired of going after your fellow members for dues which are not enough to cover the costs of running the association to begin with? Let us help. We are very efficient in dues collection and we can be of great assistance with budgeting and financial reserve advice. We do it all, when you are unable to.   

JCHiggins and Associates – helping you focus on your own success.