Commercial Property Management

The integrity behind a handshake. The belief in someone’s word and abilities. The strongest relationships – business or otherwise – are built on a foundation of confidence and trust. The relationships JCHiggins and Associates establishes and maintains with our commercial property management clients and tenants are founded on those principals. By knowing all aspects of our business well and by being honest, upfront, and sincere; we have come up with a successful recipe that has served us well for almost thirty years.

With industry competition the highest in recent memory, careful management is more important than ever and can make all the difference between the success and failure of a property or portfolio. From accurate financial reporting and cost effective preventative maintenance, to successful lease negotiations and rent collections; we administer thorough, expert management to maximize income, minimize expenses and protect investment value. Securing and retaining good tenants is paramount to this end.

Long term tenants are worth their weight in gold and maintaining good relationships with them is of utmost importance. Our tenants are very important to us and, within reason, we do whatever we can to keep them. Furthermore, we do all we can to ensure a prospective new tenant will be a good fit for a particular space and a building’s tenant mix. We don’t just throw in anybody to fill a vacant. We feel that’s short sided and really detrimental to long term success.    All of our commercial clients are long standing loyal clients for good reason. We have been doing this for a long time, and we are very good at it. Preferring quality over quantity, we are big enough to provide top quality commercial management and small enough to be able to give that special individualized attention that makes all the difference.